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Member conducts.
« on: October 17, 2012, 05:03:26 PM »
I dug this out of the recess of times but thats when I joined AB. 2008 (Poon might remember writing this)
It worked then and I think it still works.

Member requirements.
• A passing ability to read and write English
• The ability to download guild prefered VOIP client to listen in if not to talk, the shy will not be forced if they don’t want to.
• 18+, natch as its an 18+ game
New members will be given a 2 week trial and will be kicked after three complaints from existing members.

Member Conduct

• Respect each other, yes it can be hard to realise that there is a person behind the avatar but there is.
• Help others, what goes around comes around so the more you help other people the more people will be willing to help you.
• Recruit those you deem worthy
• Form groups from guild members if feasible, you won’t be forced to group with people you may not like but don’t be slow to group with people you don’t know
• Think for yourself
• Form groups if you need one and none are going
• Remember it’s a game
• Have fun

• Smack talk to other members in guild chat, got a problem take it to PM or keep it to yourself
• Whinge constantly about game bugs for the first few months, MMO’s are basically in beta for 6 months after release
• Recruit dicks
• Spam guild chat
• Be nasty ^^

Group dynamics, raiding and large scale PVP

Set groups
There are no rules about not forming your own set groups within the guild, if you want to run a set group in PVP mini games etc then all power to you but respect the people whose views differ to yours.

PVE gods
Some people like to PVP over PVE, respect this please

Attendance will be strongly encouraged but not mandatory, if you don’t find raiding fun then no one’s going to force you but remember that raids benefit you along with the whole guild.

Large scale PVP
If there is a leader appointed for the evening/event you follow that leaders orders to the letter. Suggestions can be PM'ed but otherwise follow, its easier for the leader if he/she knows that we can be depended upon following orders, and not criticise every little detail.

Overall remember its a game have fun playing but respect/follow the above.
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Re: Member conducts.
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I remember!!
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Re: Member conducts.
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Better be good then  ;)lol