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What faction do people fancy Im not to fussed all much the same anyone got preferences?

Due to the 5 guild thing will make a guild in ESO for us to hang out but was wondering has anyone got a well organised larger guild some folk could join for AvA activities etc?

Obviously also need join some Trade guild too if anyone has heard of a good one during Beta?

Any ideas chaps what way to take things for ESO?

I'm gonna pass on ESO.

Hope all you Blades will have a good time tho. :)

You didn't like it Strings or just RL taking a role :P?

Well I will be around for a few days in early release then I am on holiday in Florida for 2 weeks from the 7th of April, and I guess I will be about but not as hardcore as I use to be.

Way more casual !


Bahh Strings thought u liked it :/
I probably be on a lot for 1st week off work for a week lookin fwd to playing on sunday. No idea which faction yet only one havnt played during beta was AD so maybe roll that if nobody has any preference.

Playing AD faction. Aesir's Blade is up.

Also joined large Open Reddit guild "Reddithium" Seems good and competitive see:


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