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Could people please give a little intro... so to keep tabs on who's who etc :>


here goes !!!

Warhammer( still playing this for 1 more month ! )

Jimmy- (40 year old graybeard)
Married to a beutiful Taiwaneese.

Regularly used ingame names : Norvindus, Ravenloc, Maglock.

AOE,AOK, AOM, O-game,Daoc, AoC, WoW, WAR, SWTOR and now GW2

Enjoying life as it is just relaxing.

Runoff - Andy
Livin - Belfast

General slacker :)

Still subbed to Rift but not really playing im unguilded just pop on now and again do odd solo thing.

Odd blast in Battlefield 3 beta , have game on preorder will shoot about abit upon release

Mess around in Wrath of heroes Beta its bit off oddball game like quake warhammer guess it passes hour when nothin else occurin

Waiting for Swtor/GW2

Origin username -run0ff

Ingame name: Zathalyn
RL:                  Krister
Country:         Sweden

currently subbed to rift, after several guilds crumbled to pieces (1 of them being AB) and several guild merges later (and the last guild mutiny also fell apart) i was on the verge of quitting the game, but a friend ingame convinced me to join Fractal instead so gave game 1 more chance and like it here (still just temporary until TOR is released)

played lots of mmos earlier amongs them being daoc (not with you guys since i was on hib/exc) but was with you in AoC and WAR (back then i was usin names like Fluffybunny and such)


Ingame name: Daykin
RL: Thomas

- and Im danish but lives in Sweden.

Know Phil from playing Warhammer together. Saving his sry ass over and over again.

Other than War, played alot of mmos. Mainly Eve for 6-7 years or so.

Played Rift too for 3 weeks, then left due to awful pvp which what I play mmos for. Crossing fingers for TOR.

Anywho looking forward to TOR so lets hope it will be worth the wait.....


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